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Program Development



Faculty and Staff are the lifeblood of Pacifica. These men and women seek to educate, lead, challenge, encourage, and set examples of faith, character, and service for each student. Pacifica needs significant resources to attract and retain our dedicated faculty and staff. Investing in their professional development is Speakingkey to equipping them to grow in their disciplines, encourage curiosity, challenge students to achieve success, and inspire a love for learning.

Leadership Development is integral to a Pacifica education as we train students to become servant-leaders in the marketplace, the church, the community, and the family.  In 2016, we established our Prefect Board with unique opportunities for one-on-one mentoring and enhanced our Associated Students leadership organization.  In the future, we hope to establish a mentoring program for students with community and business leaders, host bi-monthly school-wide leadership seminars, and grow community service into an integrated service-learning program.

Triton Athletics involved over 95% of our students in our inaugural year.  We currently have 13 teams in 10 sports, and, as enrollment grows, we plan to field 20 teams in 15 different sports.  Pacifica is committed to building an athletics program that not
Xconly provides opportunities for competition but, more importantly, develops character and teaches young men and women important life skills, including leadership, teamwork, responsibility, and perseverance.

Visual and Performing Arts give students opportunities to voice and express their creativity and talents in the classroom, on stage, and in the community.  To enhance the arts program, Pacifica plans to add project-based courses taught by professional artists, establish a vocal-music program, and increase performance and exhibition opportunities.  These initiatives will give students opportunities to express their creativity and talents in the classroom, on stage, and in the community – thereby learning more about the beauty in God’s creation. 

STEAM Honors and Scholar Programs provide opportunities to cultivate innovative thinking while pursuing interest in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM).  Students who successfully complete 10  STEAM courses – four more than UC requirements – SCIECNEwill graduate with honors in STEAM.  The STEAM Scholar program enables selected STEAM Honors students to deepen their study during their senior year with an internship and capstone research project under the tutelage of STEAM faculty. 

TGC Honors and Scholar Programs provide opportunities for students to nurture their passion for the humanities through the reading of time-honored texts, in-depth discussion, presentations, and essays. Students enroll in advanced-level humanities courses over three years and may graduate with TGC honors.  The Great Conversation (TGC) Scholar program enables selected TGC Honors students to deepen their study of the humanities in their senior year with a capstone research project under the tutelage of humanities faculty.

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