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Capital Enhancements & Campus Expansion


To launch Pacifica in 2015, we leased a campus in a desirable location. During the founding years, we are maximizing the use of our campus by improving and equipping classrooms, science and media labs, and the gymnasium.  We’re also improving the student experience by making the campus more modern and beautiful. The following projects reflect our top priorities as we increase enrollment.


The Event Center   
The Event Center will be a multi-use space within the school’s 8,000-square-foot gymnasium utilizing movable floor-to-ceiling theatrical curtains and high-quality sound and lighting systems. The Event Center will become the home for Pacifica’s school-wide and community events including chapel, all-school outside-spacemeetings, Grandparents Day, speaker series, and other events hosted by the school. 

The Commons  
The Commons is the 2,300-square-foot, beautifully landscaped, area located in the center of campus.  It provides students a space to socialize, study, and build community during free and advisory periods.  The area has distinct spaces for students to engage with friends, connect with teachers, read a great book, and create lasting memories. 

Classrooms & STEAM Lab 
We’ve outfitted two new discussion-based classrooms with mobile furniture and modern technology for 2016.  Adding movable walls will allow these classrooms to be utilized for even more school activities.  The new STEAM Lab provides furniture, equipment, and technology to bolster the school’s STEAM and Visual Arts programs. 

Mobile Digital Media Lab  
techThe mobile digital media lab will provide technology and tools for students involved with STEAM courses, film, and the visual arts. 

Campus-Expansion Fund 
To achieve our goal of educating 400 students annually, Pacifica will need additional facilities.  The Board of Trustees, with the assistance of others in the Pacifica community, are exploring expansion plans.  Funds raised will enable the Board to investigate various opportunities to make the best strategic decisions to fulfill student needs.

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