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Bloom 2018 – Annual Spring Benefit

Save the Date for Bloom – Saturday, May 12, 2018

Each spring, Pacifica hosts Bloom, a celebratory evening of reflection, gratitude, and giving. At Bloom, we rejoice in the accomplishments and growth of the past year as we raise funds in support of our mission to teach students to think and live well.

Bloom is a special event, unlike typical fundraising benefits, that focuses on building relationships within our school community, enjoying art and music through live demonstrations and performances, and reflecting on God’s beauty and goodness in a garden setting beneath the stars.

Bloom will be held on Saturday, May 12, 2018, at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church from 5:30 – 9:00 p.m. More details to come soon.


Event Chair – Angie Hill

Communications / Promotions

Chair – Rachel Ramirez                                 

Invite and Signage – Angie Hill

Web Content and Promotion – Jana DeMots

Copywriting – Laurie Hatch

Volunteers – Regina Lee, Gina Michell, Lucie Moore

Reception / Design

Chair – Jenn Murphy

Décor Lead – Regina Lee

Floral Lead – Kerry Herbert

Food and Beverage Lead – Sharon Barnard                                                  

Décor and Floral – Laura Zublin

Stage Décor – Dawn Adelsohn, Vanessa Casella

Food and Beverage – Wendy Baugh, Myra Eddy

Stage Design and Set-Up – Matt Adelsohn

Volunteers – Lisa Bahadoor, Kimmy Hallman, Keri O’Callaghan, Deborah Spicer

Pavilion / Artist Experience

Co-Chairs – Linda Dwyer & Linda Hammond

Pavilion Design Lead – Nancy Hadley

Volunteers – Vanessa Casella

Fundraising / Auction

Chair – Andrea McCardle

GiveSmart Liaison – Jana DeMots

Fund-A-Need – Chelsea Hilbert, Jean Alexander

Sponsorships / Underwriting

Chair – Andrea McCardle

Solicitation Lead – Simon Dillon

Solicitors – Jean Alexander, Rhonda Blaze, Amy Dillon

Tracking and Promotion – Jana DeMots                     

Main Stage Event / Choir

Chair – David O’Neil

Content / Speakers Lead – Lucie Moore

Choir Lead – Kate Gremillion                                           

Volunteers – Jana DeMots, Angie Hill


Parent Volunteer Lead – Rhonda Blaze

Student Volunteer Lead – Gina Michell

Volunteer – Barbara Weling

Additional Volunteers                                                              

Melissa Brown

Tatiana Brown

Nora Davidson

Darcy Gassel

Gail Gray

Bettina Kallins

Elizabeth MacKay

Elaine Marr

Mark McCardle

Kristen McGuinness

Susan Morehouse

Tina Palmer