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Goal VI


From its initial dependence on a small donor base to meet its facility costs, program expenses, and financial aid initiative, Pacifica will develop a broad-based support structure that creates long-term stability for the school. At the same time, Pacifica’s revenue from tuition will increase with student population growth.

GOAL VI: Develop a long-range financial plan that broadens the school’s financial support base, prepare for a capital campaign for future facilities, and establish an endowment for financial assistance.  Increase the percentage of operational costs paid for by tuition dollars and decrease the amount needed from donors.


  1. Develop a long-range plan that broadens the school’s financial support base to ensure the school’s mission for decades to come.
  2. Create a three-year financial plan that focuses on funding the strategic plan’s goals and works in concert with a forthcoming capital campaign. Also, implement policies necessary to provide day-to-day oversight for sound financial management.
  3. Operate an annual development calendar that meets the school’s financial needs while significantly growing its community support. 
    1. Develop an annual-fund campaign that seeks 100 percent participation from alumni, parents, staff, and board, developing a community culture of giving.
  4. Increase student enrollment and tuition dollars to fund operational needs.
  5. Establish an endowment to help fund tuition assistance, program development, and continued classroom excellence and innovation.

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AF – Testimonials

Pacifica Student, Class of 2018

“Pacifica is my second home, my second family. The joy I’ve found has changed my life, made it brighter and completely transformed my soul and mind. I am so excited to see how, by my senior year, we will all be able to master the art of living and thinking well in order to live a good life filled with virtue.”

Pacifica Parent, Class of 2019

“Pacifica is a tremendous gift to our family. We have watched with great joy as our daughter, Lindsay, grows in her capacity to reason thoughtfully and communicate clearly. Through intentional relationships with the Pacifica faculty, a group of godly men and women committed to the development of the whole student, Lindsay’s faith has increased as she is challenged to develop a deep understanding that God’s truth permeates all areas of study. We are blessed by Pacifica as it lives out its mission: teaching students to think and live well.”