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Goal V


During these founding years, Pacifica has a campus that is well maintained, appropriately equipped, and attractive to current and prospective students. To achieve its goal of educating 300-400 students annually, Pacifica will add additional facilities that provide our families, faculty, and staff a campus that is capable of supporting all aspects of the school program for decades to come.

GOAL V: To maintain and increase the school’s campus as school growth requires and is capable of supporting and enhancing all aspects of the Pacifica program.


  1. Maximize the current and future use of the 15th Street campus to allow for healthy and sustained student-enrollment growth.
  2. Further beautify and modernize the 15th Street campus.
  3. Create a “Master Planning Document” to describe all minimum needs for the school’s long-term facilities.
  4. Investigate all properties that adequately meet Pacifica’s needs as it grows enrollment to 400 students.
    1. Raise the funds necessary for property acquisition (entitlements, CUP, property holding, architects/engineers, etc.) and operations for additional facilities. 
  5. Identify and cultivate public/private and non-profit partnerships for facilities, shared-use opportunities, and field space.
  6. Analyze and define objectives for the campus’s summer and off-hour usage that are consistent with the school’s mission. 

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AF – Testimonials

Pacifica Student, Class of 2018

“Pacifica is my second home, my second family. The joy I’ve found has changed my life, made it brighter and completely transformed my soul and mind. I am so excited to see how, by my senior year, we will all be able to master the art of living and thinking well in order to live a good life filled with virtue.”

Pacifica Parent, Class of 2019

“Pacifica is a tremendous gift to our family. We have watched with great joy as our daughter, Lindsay, grows in her capacity to reason thoughtfully and communicate clearly. Through intentional relationships with the Pacifica faculty, a group of godly men and women committed to the development of the whole student, Lindsay’s faith has increased as she is challenged to develop a deep understanding that God’s truth permeates all areas of study. We are blessed by Pacifica as it lives out its mission: teaching students to think and live well.”