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Pacifica strategically deploys technology in ways that develop our students’ ability to think wisely and critically about the work they are doing across our curriculum. Through the use of iPads and cutting-edge applications students are taught to utilize technology to become better researchers, scientists, analysts, writers, and communicators. They learn to use technology as a tool to support their learning across all disciplines, foster greater levels of communication with their peers and teachers, work collaboratively to solve problems, think creatively, and to organize their busy lives.

We also teach them to understand technology’s role in a well-balanced life—or how technology helps them to live well.  Living well—experiencing joy in life, growing in faith, practicing virtue, and making good decisions—requires attention, personal reflection, and a life in community. Technology has changed our means of communication, our processes for doing work, our access to information and tools, and brought us closer to the international community.  But technology has not changed what it means to be human.  Pacifica students are taught the importance of human interactions with their various communities as an essential component to a life well lived.  Our students learn technology’s important role in modern society while embracing the fundamentals of human experience.