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Fall Play



written by William Shakespeare

A group of traveling performers stumbles across an audience in the midst of their travels to London. Deciding to take this unexpected opportunity to perform, they transform the open space into a stage with their makeshift sets and props, performing two vignettes of their beloved bard, William Shakespeare. First is the witty comedy, The Taming of the Shrew, with Katherine, the beautiful girl with the horrible temper, and her equally beautiful and shy sister, Bianca. While suitors court for Bianca’s affection, she may not marry until Kate is wed. But, none of the men in town are willing to tame the awful temper and marry Katherine. Switching costumes, the performance continues with the telling of the delightful tale of Much Ado About Nothing, where a confirmed bachelor, Benedick, and a delightful but sharp-tonged Beatrice, are forced to fall in love through plots and counter-plots to get them wed.

  • Friday, November 11 • 7:00 pm show begins 
  • Saturday, November 12 • 2:00 pm show begins
  • Saturday, November 12 • 7:00 pm show begins


Tickets on sale now!

$10 General / $5 Students / $5 Children (under 10)
Reserve your tickets online through the Pacifica Box Office >>


The Attic Community Theater
2834 South Fairview Street
Santa Ana, CA 92704 


Taming of the Shrew

  • Baptista – Kieran Ahn
  • Lucentio – Bradley den Dulk
  • Hortensio – Chris DeVere
  • Petruchio – Luke Spicer
  • Grumio – Emma Hammond
  • Tranio – Sydney Penticuff
  • Biondello – Lina Reid
  • Katherine – Isabel Hadley
  • Bianca – Amanda Moe
  • Cambio – Tate McCardle
  • Widow – Emma Till
  • 1st Maid – Corrinne Carlson
  • 2nd Maid – Riley Knecht
  • 3rd Maid – Corrine Carlson
  • Servant – Olivia Garcia
  • Guests

Much Abo About Nothing

  • Benedick – Luke Spicer
  • Beatrice – Olivia Garcia
  • Leonato – Bradley den Dulk
  • Hero – Sydney Penticuff
  • Claudio – Dylan Michell
  • Don Pedro – Kieran Ahn
  • Balthasar – Tate McCardle
  • Margaret – Lina Reid
  • Entertainers – Riley Knecht
  • Page – Emma Till
  • Ursula – Corrinne Carlson
  • Dogberry – Emma Hammond
  • Verges – Amanda Moe
  • Messenger – Isabel Hadley
  • Friar Francis – Tate McCardle


  • Director – Leslee Myers
  • Stage Crew Assistant Director – Karen Munoz
  • Stage Manager – Lindsay Mull
  • Backstage – Tanner Motske (Crew Chief) and Braedon Steiner
  • Technical Crew (Sound & Lighting) – Jackson Hilbert

Pacifica Arts

Pacifica Arts

Pacifica Arts


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Leslee Myers
Director of Visual and Performing Arts

B.A. English and Theatre, Concordia University, Irvine
M.A. Theatre Education, New York University
M.A. History (in progress), California State University, Fullerton

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