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Fall Play


William Shakespeare

How far into darkness can one fall from the light? Bravery, honor, and virtue are easily corrupted within the hearts of men when the forces of evil whisper to our deepest desires and fallen nature. The tragedy of Macbeth captures this ultimate contest between good and evil; darkness and evil are very present in this play, but so is the light—what matters is what we allow into our lives. (There are also flying witches and epic sword fights!)


  • Friday, November 2 • 7:00 pm show begins 
  • Saturday, November 3 • 1:00 pm show begins
  • Saturday, November 3 • 7:00 pm show begins


Tickets available here

Pre-purchased online – $12 At the door – $15


Witch, Kieran Ahn
Witch, Rachel DeLaurenti
Witch, Ali Morehouse
Macbeth, Titus Ward
Lady Macbeth, Emma Hammond
Banquo, Luke Spicer
Macduff, Zeke Gremillion
Malcolm, Anne Warren
Lennox, Sydney Penticuff
Ross, Lindsay Mull
Fleance, Jameson Ramirez
Queen Duncan, Rebecca Li
Agnes, Lindsay Herbert
Bloody Captain, Jon Kratzberg
Drunk Porter, Corrinne Carlson
Old Man, Andrew Macpherson
Siward, Drew Roufs
Lady Macduff, Olivia Pompilii
Child Macduff, Arianna Struppa
Docto, Evan Hatch
Gentlewoman, Anna Hammond
Murderer / Young Seward, Tate McCardle
Servant, Gigi Ganem


Director: Angela Ward
Stage Manager: Johanna Diaz
Technical Director: Paul Holden
Costumes: Yvette Kratzberg
Costume Assistant: Hannah Novakovich
Prop Design and Construction: Dewey Kording
Scenic Art: Niccol Kording
Graphic Design: Dylan Michell
Choreography: Paige Peplow of Monreve Dance Studio
Dance Captain: Lindsay Mull
Music: Mr. Darren Huntting
Fight Choreography: Amber Bonaso


The Ebell Club & Theater
625 French Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Pacifica Arts

Pacifica Arts