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Performing Arts

The performing arts are a vital component of the Arts Department at Pacifica. We strongly encourage all students to experiment in any of the opportunities relating to creative expression live, on a stage, before an audience and it is our passion to create as many opportunities for our students to do so. Pacifica students receive professional mentoring in the fields of acting for the stage, acting for the camera, dance, music, and vocal performance. Our expert instructors are not only successfully practicing their own crafts in the Orange County artistic community, they are master teachers inside and outside of the classroom. A Pacifica performing arts student begins their journey as a student but leaves as a peer and partner in the greater artistic community.

Whether a student has performed before or not, all experience levels have an equal place in our community. It is our belief that creativity can be successfully expressed regardless of experience given the proper guidance and a safe, nurturing environment. The goal for all graduates is the same: creative expression is a part of our DNA, so take every opportunity to share a part of yourself as you tell your story to others.

Pacifica Arts

Pacifica Arts