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Announcing Inaugural TGC Honors and Scholar Graduates

June 1, 2018 | by pac-admin

Pacifica Christian High School-Orange County rejoices in the recognition of the outstanding accomplishments of our first graduating students, among them the first Honors and Scholar graduates of The Great Conversation (TGC).

TGC Honors encompasses three unique pathways to enhanced learning. The Liberal Arts emphasis encourages students toward a solid general education with periodic deep dives into the individual subjects. The STEAM emphasis specializes in Science and Math, balanced by languages and the arts, which also support the Humanities emphasis with its captivating study of English and History. Beyond this rigorous study, each of these emphases offers a special senior-study course called TGC Scholars, a guided research project with a faculty advisor. This project reflects each student’s personal academic journey and interests and acts as a capstone presentation for their time at Pacifica.

It gives us great delight to recognize Bradley den Dulk, Isabel Hadley, Daniela Manzanares, Amanda Moe, Karen Muñoz, and Lina Reid as our first TGC Honors graduates. All of these students have accomplished an advanced course of study with exemplary records, setting as founders a high bar of intellectual excellence. They graduate with our gratitude for contributing to the school’s culture of thinking and living well.

Amanda, Class of 2018, is the first student in school history to complete the TGC Scholars Program.

Amanda Moe, Class of 2018

Furthermore, we are pleased to call forth into special light the accomplishments of Amanda Moe, our first-ever TGC Scholar in the STEAM emphasis. Amanda spent the last year conducting academic research and participating in an immersive internship as she studied the present state of 3D bioprinting technology, specifically its application to the bioprinting of human hearts. Amanda worked with experts in the field and under the on-campus tutelage of Mr. Jesse Roberson and Mrs. Dayna O’Neil in the creation of a research-thesis and a presentation for the community. She will present this thesis at a plenary session during the Senior Project Fair during graduation week. Click here to read her TGC Scholar Project.

Join us in congratulating these students, icons of what it means to think and live well!

With grace and truth,

Mrs. Dayna O’Neil | Mr. Anthony Rinaldi | Rev. Hayden A. Butler
The Great Conversation Team
Pacifica Christian High School