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Admission to Pacifica opens the door to a place where a demanding, college-preparatory, liberal arts and sciences education challenges young men and women.  The challenge comes as students engage with Christian teachers.  These teachers are all:

  • knowledgeable and passionate about their fields of study 
  • well-trained in the art of teaching 
  • compassionate towards and excited about the students they teach 
  • substantial in the Christian faith, thought, and character 

Pacifica is a place marked by goodness, an environment where students flourish as they learn to think and live well.

What makes Pacifica good is not our brick and mortar, but the people who walk within the walls: our teachers and students.  It is good because of the ideas they teach, discuss, and share.  It is good because of our love for Grace and Truth. At Pacifica, teachers are committed to investing time and energy in their students’ lives. Pacifica teachers are not simply punching a clock—they are mentoring their students in life both inside and outside the classroom. These students are young adults who long for an environment that is demanding, encouraging, and diverse—a place that will ignite their passions and equip them to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Pacifica teachers take joy in what they teach and to whom they teach it.  Pacifica students actually grow to enjoy learning.  As such, a Pacifica education is not merely a means to an end, but becomes an end in itself. Education itself becomes joyful, and a life-long pursuit. We want to produce life-long learners who seek truth for its own sake, wherever life takes them:  on the basketball court, under the glow of stage lights, or in the classroom, board room, family room, or church.

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