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TGC Honors Program


There are many academic challenges that are put before the graduating class of Pacifica. These challenges are met with creativity, talent, and determination. For those seniors wishing to graduate with honors, one more challenge is available to them—The Great Conversation (TGC) Honors Program.

TGC Honors means three unique pathways to enhanced learning:

  1. The Liberal Arts path encourages students toward a solid general education with periodic deep dives into the individual subjects.
  2. The STEAM path offers specialization in Science and Maths balanced by languages and the arts.
  3. The Humanities path provides a captivating study of English and History, languages and arts.

Each of these pathways offers a special senior-study course called TGC Scholars, a one-on-one guided project with a faculty advisor. This project will reflect each student’s personal academic journey and interests, acting as a capstone presentation for their time at Pacifica.

TGC Honors has been designed not only around rigor, but also with a student’s whole well-being in mind. We’re committed to giving them a big world of opportunities along with the wisdom to choose well. To that end, the Honors pathways have been expertly honed so as to avoid any particular year from being overloaded with advanced courses. Here at Pacifica, we believe that Honors should mean the whole-person thrives.

Curriculum Guide

TGC Honors Curriculum Guide