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TGC Scholar Program

There are many academic challenges that are put before the graduating class of Pacifica. These challenges are met with creativity, talent and determination. For those seniors wishing to graduate with honors, one more challenge is available to them—The Great Conversation (TGC) Scholar Program—a research program culminating in the writing of a major paper and an oral presentation in front of the student body.

The TGC Program is a special addition to our rigorous liberal arts curriculum. It begins with a question and then becomes a thesis providing the basis for a course of study. Scholars develop their theses into an argument supported by substantial research and interaction with faculty. Students wishing to graduate with this honor must apply to the TGC Program before the end of their Junior year. Their research topic must be approved, and then a faculty advisor will be assigned to them. During their senior year, students are required to meet weekly with their advisors. The faculty advisor then sets benchmarks that the students must meet or they will be disqualified. Oral presentations are given in June. Students are assessed on several criteria: quality of research, meeting the goals set by the advisor, oral presentation, and quality of analysis.

The TGC Program is an opportunity to:

  • Develop a passion for history, theology, and literature through high-level discussion, well-written essays, and the reading of time-tested texts.
  • Pursue fair-minded critical inquiry, seeking the truth through reflection on what has already been said on the topic, identifying new questions, and responding with thoughtfulness, assertiveness, and charity.
  • Present and defend one’s ideas to an audience of teachers and peers.

The TGC Program Offers Two Distinct Tracks:

TGC Honors is a three-year honors track designed to cultivate excellence in studies of humanities fields by inviting students to a high standard of academic achievement over six consecutive semesters. Students can apply for TGC Honors at the end of their Freshman year.

TGC Scholars is a one-year intensive honors program through which students from the TGC Honors track may aspire to a greater degree of academic rigor by means of the development of a distinct research-based project in humanities fields under the tutelage of a faculty mentor. Students are eligible to apply for TGC Scholars at the end of their Junior year.

View the TGC program parameters below.
TGC Parameters