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Physical Education & Athletics

Physical Education is a study of the whole person, which includes the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. It is a character-shaping program focused on developing a positive attitude about oneself and providing challenging experiences. The program encourages students to discover active pursuits that are fun and stimulating enough to become regular practice of their lives. Students are asked to set and achieve realistic goals and challenged to improve performance. Often the best route to these goals is with the cooperation and assistance of classmates.

The total program involves more than physical activity. Each student must raise his or her fitness level and understand its relationship to lifetime physical and mental wellness. Some will choose to participate in interscholastic sports. Others will choose to fulfill their requirement through physical education classes.

Physical Education and Athletics Courses

Graduation Requirement: 4 Semesters

Courses may be chosen from Physical Education, a season of a team sport, Sports Medicine, or a team manager position for a season of a team sport.

Physical Education

(Year Course)

The Physical Education class intends to give students a basic understanding of how to play a variety of sports and to help students appreciate the benefits of physical activity throughout their lifetime. Skills for each sport will be broken down as students learn to participate and excel in game play. This class will provide students with the opportunity to develop proper exercise techniques and practices as wells as overall knowledge of cardiovascular physiology. The students will improve their physical development in the areas of strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance, balance, agility, range of motion, and power. This class will provide an excellent forum for students to exhibit characteristics of self guided discipline and achievement, collaborative teamwork and effective communication.

Independent PE

This privilege is available to students on a limited basis. Students who qualify for this class must submit a written proposal to the administration for approval. The proposal will be evaluated to determine whether 1) the school doesn’t offer an interscholastic competition in that sport, 2) the athlete competes at the elite level in that sport, and 3) the outside coach is willing to grade and evaluate the athlete’s performance. The above three requirements must be met before the Physical Education department will accept the proposal for departmental evaluation. The department will then use its discretion to determine whether the student has, in the previous semesters, demonstrated the necessary dedication and self-direction to successfully carry out an independent physical education program. Students must participate in their specialized training for a total of no less than 80 hours per semester.

Pacifica Athletics Philosophy

At Pacifica we believe that athletics is an important part of a student’s education. The Pacifica athletics program will encourage discipline, excellence, sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, community, development of physical skills, a commitment to physical health, and healthy competition as the department encourages the growth of good young men and women.

Our goal is to produce athletes and coaches who reflect Christian principles of integrity, hard work and excellence.

Our philosophy of placing athletes first and winning second is designed to help young men and women learn that striving for victory should only be done in an atmosphere of fair play and good sportsmanship.

Pacifica is committed to hiring coaches who are substantial in faith and character, display excellence in their field, and are passionate about their athletes. Pacifica coaches will be role models on and off the field. It is the good work in and amongst coaches, players, teachers, and parents that is the backbone of Pacifica athletics.

  • We believe that participation, play, and the joy of physical activity should be at the heart of our athletic program.
  • We will teach habits of body and mind that contribute to a healthy and happy life.
  • We will encourage our student–athletes to challenge themselves through honest competition and to learn lifelong lessons of responsibility, commitment, and initiative.
  • We will practice and teach teamwork and sportsmanship.
  • We will respect our student–athletes and their commitments beyond athletics.
  • We expect all members of our community to respect the athletes and support the officials who join us in competition.
  • We recognize that our athletic program is an integral part of the Pacifica community and complements the academic mission, which is central to the life of our school.

Interscholastic Sports require a serious commitment of time and energy. Students must train and prepare for the season, learn how their bodies respond to the specific demands of their sports, and manage their time effectively to meet academic and other obligations. Students interested in participating on a Pacifica team should contact the team’s coaches before the season to gain a full understanding of the commitment required.

In season and during the school year, practice time (including warm-up, weight training, and field maintenance) shall not exceed two and a half hours on weekdays and three hours on Saturdays. Teams will not practice on game days. The sports council may extend practice time upon request of the appropriate athletic director if such extension is necessitated by facility limitations.

Please be advised that winter and spring athletes will be expected to attend practices and games during vacations that fall in their seasons.

Team Manager Program

This program is designed to offer Physical Education credit to students who perform a variety of services for the athletic program. Services may include technical assistance such as filming and/or breaking down film of practices or games, statistical evaluation of games and practices and providing information to media sources, or coaching assistance for lower-level interscholastic teams. These or other services may earn a student credit if the commitment is a minimum of eight hours per week. Many students will find that the time commitment is more substantial. An agreement to be a Team Manager must be reached between the prospective student and the coach before the start of the season or semester. Students will receive one semester of Physical Education credit for this program. This program is offered to grades 10-12.