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Academic Program Developments

January 15, 2018 | by pac-admin

Dr. Ben Roberson – Principal

As the new calendar year is underway, I’m delighted to share Pacifica’s goals for the Academic Program in the second semester. Our overarching goal is to pivot our focus from founding a school to focusing on professional development.

To achieve this cultural shift, we must adopt new practices and habits. Considering the latest research and best-practices, we have formed three goals. These goals overlap and support one another to form a focus on instruction and launch us into a loop of determining our desired outcomes, assessing, analyzing data, improving, and accountability.

Pacifica’s three goals for the second semester include:

  • Establish Teacher Collaboration Focused on Improvement: Teachers will begin to meet weekly in teams (Professional Learning Communities/PLCs) to create a culture of disciplined collaboration, reflect on goals, data-proven strategies, and hold one another accountable for results. Research on this concept is vast, here is one article by Richard DuFour, a leading author in this domain.
  • Mobilizing Data as a Strategy for Improvement: Using PLCs as a vehicle for dialogue, we are asking questions such as: Are our curriculum, pedagogy, and assessments connected to what we desire our students to be? How do we know? What assessments and what type of assessments measure our student outcomes? We are also reviewing research on using data to improve schools; here is one article by Thomas Guskey, an outstanding thinker and author on this idea.
  • Effective Instructional Feedback: Providing instructional feedback to teachers can be “one of the most powerful influences on learning and student achievement,” according to some studies. Providing specific feedback to teachers based on common goals is directly linked to student achievement as found in Robert Marzano’s work.

Roberson_Ben_240x320We are thrilled to begin this exciting work. Pacifica’s faculty, staff, students, and administration are a community of learners. We look forward to learning together for the purpose of thinking and living well.

With grace and truth,

Dr. Roberson