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Life Together

Integral to thinking and living well is the community in which it is pursued. Pacifica encourages its students to live abundant and joyful lives, marked by giving and receiving grace. They work hard, play hard, and take risks.

High school students—and most people—desire to have meaningful relationships, to know and to be known. Having fun together, participating in extracurricular activities, and spending time with friends are all parts of a Pacifica education. These transformative experiences allow students to grow personally as they begin to live out the truth and grace they’ve learned in our ever-changing world.

We come alongside each family, engaging in conversations about life and faith, while modeling lives marked by joy. Campus-life events are designed with these goals in mind. Fun-filled opportunities—such as the Back-to-School Bash, the Annual All-School Retreat, the Spring Dance, and Spirit Days—give students a chance to try new things, make friends, connect with teachers, create lasting memories, and become people who value community.

Our Faculty – Without question, our teachers are the core of our high-quality education. These men and women seek to educate, lead, challenge, encourage, and set examples of faith, character, and service for each student. Curriculum and programs alone do not teach young people to think and live well. That goal requires a complete educational experience in relationship with teachers of faith who develop disciplines, encourage curiosity, equip students to achieve success, and inspire a love for learning. 

Family, Church, & School – Pacifica alone does not teach students to think and live well.  We partner with families and churches.  It is a great privilege to come alongside parents and local churches to encourage our students’ faith. Understanding our important role as a school, our primary focus is education. We spend most of our time helping students master the school’s graduation requirements. A good school, however, cares for more.  We care about students’ spiritual and social lives.  These areas greatly inform a complete education. At Pacifica, we seek to partner with, not replace, the church and the family, whose functions are complementary to, yet distinct from, a schools.  We are keenly aware that our primary role is to educate students, but we are equally aware that we are not their only educators.

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