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Who We Are

At Pacifica Christian High School, we teach our students to think and live well.  We do this by providing a college-preparatory, liberal arts education for students from all backgrounds and neighborhoods.

Engaging students’ minds to think well and shaping their hearts to live well are critical because it prepares them to enjoy an abundant life. Thinking and living well is about making connections—both intellectual and relational.  It provides students with a fuller understanding of what it means to be human and provides them the freedom to find their place in God’s created world.  

Our students are free to live out their stories, fully becoming who God desires them to be. We provide students with opportunities that will change them for the better–by challenging and maturing them. We desire our students to be more purposeful and courageous, more joyful and committed—prepared for all that God offers in their lives.

Learning to think and live well is a life-long process.  But both the process—or even adventure—and the outcome produce joy.  As such, we view a good education as an end unto itself. At the same time, a Pacifica education provides tangible benefits, like preparation for college, career, family, and service to the church and community.  By approaching education as a joy-instilling, freedom-producing journey, we provide our graduates with a foundation for success in college, life, work, and faith. 

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