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Our Campus

Pacifica Christian Orange County is located in Newport Beach with extraordinary proximity to both Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa. The campus is very close to Hoag Hospital, Coastline Community College, and Pacific Coast Highway.

Pacifica Christian Orange County
883 West 15th Street
Newport Beach, California 92663


Triton Event Center




Our Classrooms

In addition to securing a founding campus, Pacifica has spent a considerable amount of time re-thinking classrooms. In preparation for next fall, Pacifica is outfitting its classrooms with mobile furniture and modern technology.  Mobile furniture allows teachers to change the physical space of any classroom in a matter of seconds.  This furniture provides Pacifica teachers with the flexibility to utilize multiple instructional modes within a single class period—speaking directly to the various learning styles of each student.  The furniture also adapts to the learner, providing students with a more comfortable and personalized learning space.  A state-of-the-art network infrastructure will be installed–ensuring the successful launch of the school’s 1:1 iPad and Connected Learning programs.